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Computer Science & Engineering

Scope of Computer Science & Engineering

Computer Science Engineering forces the world and has become an indispensable part of human civilization. Right from social media to the genomics revolution, computer science has played a central role in many of the greatest technological innovations and developments of the 21st century. Computer Science Engineering not only grooms research scientists who have passion for invention and novel design of new technology and explore new vistas for the use of existing technology. Prospective computer technologists are supervised and guided by experts to study and solve complex problems in computing in all walks of human endeavor especially in business, science, medicine, and education sector. On the other hand, computer science is all set to grow in an unparalleled manner in the coming few years, thereby creating a lot of opportunities for students. Since computer science is based on the fundamentals of mathematics, computer science students develop critical reasoning and complex problem-solving abilities that will help them in all walks of life. Some of the sub disciplines of computer science are theoretical computer science, theory of computation, information and coding theory, algorithms and data structures, programming language theory, formal methods, applied computer science etc. and students can specialize in any one (or more) of these areas during their undergraduate studies. Indian students are playing vital role in the development of IT sector in American and Australian continents and European countries. Gulf countries are providing opportunities in the field of networking and administration.