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Counseling / Mentoring Center

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Counseling / Mentoring Center

MBITS runs a counseling center to support mental health of its students. A psychologist and counselor Ms. Siji Shanty visits the college for counseling on all Wednesdays.  The center supports the students in molding their character with self-confidence. Counselors de-stress the students by listening to their problems and suggest simple solutions. They strive to relieve the students and help to make the learning process interesting.

Counselors are very supportive in guiding the students. The candidates at times come face to face with issues or problems which tend to cause inferiority complex in them. The mentoring team makes sure that no such deterioration happens with the psychosocial understanding of the students. Special attention is given to drop out and failed students. 

Male and female students are free to register for consultations through their class advisors during the working hours.

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