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Equipped Laboratories

This laboratory is under the supervision of Assistant Professors Anoop Sankar, Naveen B. Parappattu and Bibin K. Tharian. It is provided primarily for the senior students to have an access to a precise measuring environment which eventually helps in evolving their measuring and data acquisition skills which are the pre-requisites that moulds them as a Mechanical Engineer..The room is equipped with PCs, a telephone and a conference table, and a limited library of catalogues.

This laboratory houses experimental facilities for Precision measurements, Temperature Measurement, Speed measurement, Profile Metrology, Vibration Analysis and Various Gauges including strain gauges. The lab is also equipped with sophisticated devices like pneumatic gauges, PLC’s etc. and provides classroom space for all lab sections (i.e., meetings outside of lecture) of these classes. The room also provides a work area for design activities for the students of higher semester Mechanical Engineering for Practice and independent study projects. As with other ME department labs and office space, this room is used to showcase student projects for the Engineering Open House.

The Mechanical Systems Laboratory under the supervision of Assistant Professors Abin Sunny, Nevil Johnson and Leo A.J is broadly divided into Vibrations lab and Heat transfer lab. The former provides opportunities for students to incorporate vibration analysis into the design, development, and optimization of products. The lab serves mainly Mechanical Vibrations and Balancing course. Students use experimental modal analysis hardware and other allied experimental devices like Gyroscopes Governors and bearings for learning the concepts.

The objective of this lab is to provide students with an environment to model and analyze complex engineering systems for vibration and heat transfer analysis.  This lab space is being utilized for experimental research and course-related projects and demonstrations.  The lab also provides tools for design projects, which involve concepts and applications in terms of dynamics, vibrations and controls.  This laboratory equips students with the current industry practice in vibration-based analysis and design of products.  Research experiences for undergraduate students are built into the fabric of this laboratory.

Heat Transfer laboratory provides fundamental and industrial knowledge about modes of heat transfer, like conduction, convection and radiation, and their application. Heat Transfer Lab consists of equipment like heat transfer through Composite wall apparatus, parallel and counters flow heat transfer apparatus, emissivity measurement apparatus and AC & Refrigeration test rigs.

It offers training in activities that aids the industrial production process like Smithy, forging, carpentry, foundry etc. It not only serves engineering students from the ME but students from CE, EEE, EC and CS Departments also. It also supports engineering team competitions for various branches. This is under the supervision of Mr. Vijay Raj M.M and Mr. Jobin Joy Assistant Professors of the department

The Machine Tool Laboratory along with the Advanced Machine tool lab is the largest laboratory, in terms of the number of machines and the activity at the department and they are situated in two separate blocks. The laboratory contains machines and equipment that is typical of a modern mechanical workshop and is used for experimental research on varying methods for material cutting and processing.

It gives hands-on experience in the use of the Lathes, drilling machine and welding equipment’s (MIG, Gas Welding etc.). The lab is under the supervision of Mr Jijo Varghese and Mr Saju Haneef Assistant Professors of the department.


Advanced machining is one of the department's focus areas. For the machining of products with complex geometric forms we use modern programming methods and high precision milling machines. The Mechanical Engineering Department’s Advanced Machine Tool lab provides engineering students with a well-equipped, safe working environment in which those students can design and manufacture their projects for engineering classes, research, and vehicle and team competition through on-site technical guidance.

The shop provides safety, training and technical guidance as well as machine operation instructions for the purpose of providing hands on experience in the use of advanced machine tools like Advanced Lathes, Drilling machines, shaping machines, slotting machine and milling machines which seeks to balance and compliment the strong theoretical education here at Mar Baselios Institute of Technology and science (MBITS). Both the machine tool labs are under the supervision of Mr. Jijo Varghese and Mr. Saju Haneef, Assistant Professors of the department.

The machines are sufficient enough to support the experimental works and research programme of students as well as teachers, both in terms of their numbers and the hardware computational capability. Though the systems can afford any of the latest packages, the lab by default showcases the following softwares: AutoCAD, ANSYS and Solid Works.

Our Advanced Cad Lab is a dedicated computer lab for engineering analysis and computer aided drawing applications. It combines CAD and CAE software packages to solve complex material and mechanical problems. Students can book the high end machines for up to several days, subject to the permission from the staff in charge for use on their analyses. Occasionally technical tutorials of the latest advanced-in software of various codes are run - contact the computational modelling research leader Assistant Professor Varghese Paul for more details.

This state of the art lab is equipped with high end softwares like CAM Express, SOLID EDGE etc. and sophisticated devices like pneumatic gauges, PLC’s etc. The lab provides training in various arena like programming ladder logic circuits, use of levers and switches in pneumatic experiments etc. as well as the usage of the software packages mentioned above.  It is under the guidance of Assistant Professors Anoop Sankar, Naveen B. Parappattu and Bibin K. Tharian

Heat Engines Laboratory under the chargel of Assistant Professors Abin Sunny, Nevil Johnson and Leo A.J provides the facilities for testing the performance of internal combustion engines, and research in the areas of combustion of blended fuels, and use of alternate fuels for I.C. Engines. Research in combustion science concentrates on engine performance testing and emissions. The Internal Combustion Engine laboratory contains five test beds including a four cylinder diesel engine.

The Laboratory is also equipped with flash and fire point apparatus, an AC test rig, a vapour compression refrigeration test rig and a two-stage reciprocating air compressor for teaching purposes. Along with this there is another transparent engine model to provide better visualization and understanding to the students. A bomb calorimeter can be utilized to measure the energy of any fuel. For years on end, the lab has been supporting mini-projects and other research works related to Automobile industry. The lab also caters to Electrical Engineering students in fulfilling their curriculum.

The Fluid Mechanics Laboratory is a facility for studies of sediment transport, scour, turbulence in stratified flows, turbulence studies in rivers and lakes, and other fluid phenomena (like buoyancy) and processes. Equipment includes venturimeter, orifice meter, manometers and notches and the provisions for calibrating them. Darcy’s as well as Chezy’s coefficient of friction for different pipes can be found out in pipe friction apparatus. Students can perform the required tests and find out the flow rate of the particular equipment. Apparatus for learning the stability of floating bodies and dye based flow demonstration apparatus are available. The lab is under the charge of  Assistant Professors Nedheesh Eldho Baby and Anil M.G.

This facility has several turbines, flow devices and test rigs to provide students an opportunity to perform a wide range of experiments and develop a comprehensive understanding of hydrodynamics. Pelton Wheel Turbine, Francis Turbine , Kaplan Turbine and a hydraulic ram are some of the important facilities.  The lab is also equipped with centrifugal pumps and reciprocating pumps in which students can find out the performance test and efficiency at different operating conditions. The lab is headed by  Assistant Professors Nedheesh Eldho Baby and Anil M.G.