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Equipped Laboratories

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Equipped Laboratories


ECE Dept. has well furnished laboratories with most sophisticated and advanced equipments which is the major strength of the institute. Laboratories are equipped with hardware, computers and software packages such as Matlab, MP Lab, Keil, Modelsim, Proteus and Pspice to conduct quality research and enable the students to learn experientially in VLSI, Embedded Systems, DSP and RF Communication.


  • Electronic Workshop

  • Electronic Circuits lab

  • Integrated Circuits lab

  • Communication Lab

  • Systems Lab

  • Project Lab

  • Networking Lab

  • Research Lab

This workshop gives the basic introduction of electronic hardware systems and provides hands-on training with familiarization, identification, testing, assembling, dismantling and fabrication. Students will be able to repair such systems by making use of the various tools and instruments available in the Electronics Workshop.

This workshop is well designed to provide adequate space and convenience to the students. It is equipped with a sufficient number of components and equipment well enough to accommodate 30 students at a time with 3 students per group for doing an experiment.


This lab is equipped with instruments like CRO, Dual Power Supply, Signal Generator, Voltmeters, Ammeters, Analog and Digital Multimeter, Rheostat and components including transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors etc. All basic electronic devices and their characteristics and applications can be studied using different experiments in this lab. Using the above devices, electronic circuits like Amplifiers, Oscillators, Multivibrators, Voltage Regulators etc. can be constructed and can be checked. 

This lab is equipped with CROs, Function Generators, Dual DC Power Supplies, Digital IC Trainer Kits, Voltmeters, Ammeters, Analog and Digital Multimeters, Rheostat and components including transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors etc. The laboratory introduces students to practical circuit design and contributes significantly to provide them with engineering skills. The experiments covered in this laboratory are synchronized with its theoretical part, so that students might be able to understand the practical aspects of it. This lab is also used to conduct the experiments related to digital circuits and logic design, which ranges from the study of various logic gates to the design of various sequential and combinational circuits. Students from various departments use this lab for performing various digital experiments.

This lab is used by the students to study different modulation and de-modulation techniques, transmitters and receivers, analog and digital communication methodologies etc. This lab is equipped with microwave equipments like Reflex Klystron, Klystron Power Supply, Frequency Meter, Attenuator, Isolator, Directional Coupler etc. Latest equipments like high bandwidth Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Dual Function Generators, Multiple Power Supplies etc. are also available in the lab for studying the various communication techniques. This laboratory provides the students an opportunity to work on communication area.

Students will be able to do different software and hardware experiments in this lab with the help of a microcomputer system and a DSK (Digital Signal Processing Start up Kit) trainer kit. Assembly language programming, simple input/output interfacing, and interrupt processing in microcomputer systems can be also done in this lab.

This lab is equipped with 8051 trainer kit, PIC trainer kit and PCB fabrication kit. Students can do mini and main project works in this lab. The lab is equipped with all the software and hard wares to do the project work of students. Developing and etching facility along with shearing, drilling and soldering units are arranged for the purpose of building custom printed PCB's.

This is an advance communication Laboratory in which the PG students get to study the latest advances in communication like modeling and simulation of radio channels and different types of digital communication coding techniques.

This lab is utilized for demonstrating M Tech mini and main project experiments and research works of students as well as faculty members.