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Equipped Laboratories

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Equipped Laboratories

The Computer Centre provides internet and browsing facilities for staffs and students of all branches. The lab is well-organized with ­80 terminals and remains open till 5.00PM in the evening on all working days. The centre provides the state-of-art computer and browsing facilities for everyone.

The lab impart the basic concepts of data structures and algorithms and develop the understanding about writing algorithms and step by step approach in solving problems with the help of fundamental data structures.

The lab is equipped with 40 computers. This is designed to provide the students with good knowledge in various programming languages and develop problem-solving skills in them.

Teach the students about the principles of various computer operating systems. This understanding helps them to efficiently use programming languages to develop software built on top of the operating system. The lab deals with the basics of operating system architecture: process scheduling, inter-process communication, memory management, file systems.

The lab is designed especially for M.Tech students, where they can practice ethical hacking which plays a major role inside Cyber Security. The laboratory oriented NS-2 training provides the students with an in-depth knowledge in Network Simulation.

The lab consists of 40 nodes, aims at providing experience on design, querying, and processing of data in a relational Database. The Database Lab is intended to give exposure to oracle RDBMS. The experiments include SQL Queries, PL/SQL programming and implementation of triggers, stored procedures, sub queries etc. The Lab also facilitates sessions in system programming.

The language lab provides the students with audio and audio-visual aids to improve their English fluency and communication skill. The faculty ensures the best outcome by conducting language exercises and interactive sessions at different levels for the students.

The hardware lab aims at the familiarization of hardware components of computer system and provides hands-on training for students in PC assembling. The lab also acquaints the students with the Networking Protocols and Communication using ports and sockets.

The lab provides 8085 microprocessor familiarization along with hands-on training in 8085 programming using trainer kits. The faculty also ensures thorough knowledge of 8086,masm programming along with the 8085mp lab